Winter Care for Your Vehicle

With Winter weather being extremely hard on cars and weather conditions making driving a little less safe it is best to keep your vehicle in tip top shape!  For starters keeping your fluids full to their recommended capacity is always recommended, but more so in winter months.  When fluids become low your car does not run as efficiently which can lead to engine problems.  Keeping them full helps to ensure optimal performance creating a safer car ride.

Regular car washes are also recommended to help your automobile from rusting.  Salt used on slick roads can lead to corrosion and cause rust.  Regularly washing your car helps to diminish salt deposits thus keeping your car rust free.

Changing your air filter is a low cost, semi easy task and can definitely go a long way for your automobile.  A clean air filter maintains gas efficiency as well as protects dust and debris from entering the inside of your engine.  When your engine is free of these materials it can run smoother and with less force on the engine.  It is recommended that you replace your air filter every 12,000 miles or every year depending on which comes first.

An important thing to maintain on your car especially in the winter months when driving conditions and roads can be hazardous is the wear on your tires.  Tires should be rotated with every oil change done to ensure there is even wear on the tires creating a better balance.  Balanced tires can handle road conditions better and help prevent tire blow outs as well as help reduce the strain on your vehicle’s suspension.

Probably the simplest of all to maintain is regular oil changes.  Although making time may be an issue when you have a packed schedule it will go a long way.  Keeping your oil clean and full will protect your car’s engine for years to come.  The lubricants in oil help to protect and coat the internal parts of your engine that are subjected to heat, friction and other types of combustion.

Lastly it is important to monitor and maintain that your battery cables are connected properly.  Engine debris and battery corrosion can interfere with your battery’s connection making it hard on the engine when starting and hard to start at all!  The last thing anyone needs is to have a dead battery in any weather extremes!

Take a little time this Winter season to give your car a little TLC. These quick easy maintenance techniques will leave your vehicle running and performing in tip top shape.  Besides we all know the Holidays can be expensive why add another cost in with the repair of your car!