Top Rated Cars To Own

There are so many types of cars out there to choose from when looking to upgrade or buy a new car.  Many with top of the line ratings in different areas as well as great consumer feedback.  So how exactly do you narrow it down to find the best performing car with the best safety ratings?  We were wondering the same thing and thus did our research and have the stats to share with you!

2017 Chevy Volt- Fully complies to new headlight standards and is among the top rated hybrid cars.  The great thing about this vehicle is that the gas powered engine works to recharge the battery so that you don’t have to stop at a hybrid plug in.  It gets 53 miles on full electric usage and 367 miles combined with electric/gas usage.

Honda Ridgeline- This automobile comes with top rated crash protection as well as perfect headlight compliance.  It offers interior comfort to all passengers along with a list of tech features.  IT also ranks number 1 among compact trucks.

Hyundai Elantra- This comfortable and roomy compact car offers an extensive array of technology.  It has great fuel mileage with 26 MPG in the city.  At a great price point this car is one of the top rated cars to buy out there. We also have the Hyundai Santa Fe is also up there among the top picks for its powerful V6 engine for a mid size SUV.

Subaru Legacy- The 2016 model was rated among the top picks for it’s high safety rating.  It offers all wheel drive with good fuel efficiency.  Some however feel the engine is a bit underpowered.

Toyota Prius V- This is Toyota’s bigger version of the Prius and takes the top spot for best fuel economy rating. It also boasts a roomy cargo area and is also electric/hybrid.  The downfall is that some say it has a lethargic acceleration.

Volvo XC60- The Volvo is well known for it’s amazing safety reputation and the fact that it has a feature that detects pedestrians and applies the brakes gently.  It is top rated in headlight excellence and many drivers praise the powerful engine.

Although there are more cars to choose from on the top rated list we thought these were the most outstanding.  Although a lot of the decision when buying a car comes from the drivers preference of features and body style it is safe to say that we all want a well performing car that will take ourselves and our passengers safely from one place to another.  Add in a sound long lasting car with a few great tech features thats good on gas and it’s the perfect car to own.  Although perfect is hard to completely accomplish we do know that these top cars listed above come close to being the perfect car buying choices.