The Importance Of Brake Maintenance

Brakes are essentially the MOST IMPORTANT part of your vehicle.  Making sure that your entire brake system is well maintained should be a top priority in your car care routine. Brakes that are not performing at 100% of their ability are considered hazardous and should be looked at immediately. Often there are different signs that will present themselves when your brakes or part of your brake system is not functioning to full capacity.  It is important that you are aware of the different signs and what they could possibly mean.

Signs Of Brake System Issues

  • Squeaking- often caused by friction from the brake line.  If left unchecked it can lead to damage in the pads, lining, rotors, and brake drums
  • Grinding- this usually indicates that the brake pads are worn. The grinding noise is caused by metal scraping against metal.  If left unattended to it can cause further damage in your brakes drums and rotors.
  • Pulls To One Side- if you notice your car pulling to one side it may not be the alignment.  It may mean that your brake lining has worn unevenly.
  • Having To Pump Your Brakes- this could mean that there is a leak somewhere in the brake system.
  • Pedal Sinks To The Floor- this usually indicates that there is air in your brake line
  • Shaking With Normal Pressure- this indicates worn brake rotors and should be looked at and fixed immediately.

Another aspect of the braking system that often goes overlooked is the brake fluid.  Brake fluid is an essential part of the entire braking system. It acts as the lubricant to all of the intricate parts of your braking system and is required to maintain a perfectly balanced functioning braking system.  Brake fluid levels should be checked regularly as with your cars other fluids such as oil.

Maintaining your braking system is crucial in creating a safe ride for not only you and your passengers, but also for the other drivers you are sharing the road with.  Should you experience any of the above warning signs it is recommended that you seek a professional auto mechanic as soon as possible. Not only for your safety as well as others, but also as to not create further damage to other  parts of the braking system that will ensure expensive repairs.