Saving Gas & Money

If there is one thing that most driver’s can agree on, it is that gas prices are continuously on the rise.  In 2009 the average price of gas was $1.83 per gallon.  Fast forward to 2012 and in some demographics the price was up to an average of $4.00 per gallon.  Five years later in 2017 gas prices continue to fluctuate and in doing so most generally stay on the higher end of the dollar spectrum.  Although we as consumers may not be able to have any influence on the cost of gas prices, one thing that we can do is conserve as much gas as possible when driving our automobiles.  In doing so not only will our pocketbooks thank us but so will the environment.

I have compiled a shortlist of a few gas saving techniques that will keep your tank fuller longer and the air we breathe just a little cleaner.

  • Warm Up Your Car For Shorter Lengths Of Time…The average time on a cold day you should warm up your car is 30 seconds to 1 minute. Anything longer just wastes gas and pumps nasty toxins into the atmosphere.  With modern cars today their warm up time is significantly less than those of older models.
  • Driving At Moderate Speed ….. It’s simple driving fast causes more acceleration therefore consuming more gas.  Frequently accelerating creates the same issue.  Driving at just below the speed limit at a smooth consistent speed is a lot more gas efficient for your car.
  •  Buying Gas Early In The Day/Evening….. Filling up your tank early in the morning or later in the evening is best for gas content.  With the rising heat during the day gas loses its density which means less actually gets in your gas tank.  Cooler gas has a lot more density and therefore leaves your car’s tank fuller.
  • Be Aware…..Driving with your windows down creates more drag for your car, thus consuming more gas.  Same goes for driving with bike, luggage, or ski racks.  If you are not putting them to use it is best to remove them from your car and store them at home.  Your gas tank will see a better result from doing so.
  • Never Leave Your Car Idling…….We all know how it is to keep the car running while you are waiting for someone to get in the car.  However leaving your car idling is one of the biggest gas wasters out there.  Not to mention not only does it suck the gas out of your car’s tank it also is a major pollutant to the environment and air around us. You will still be waiting whether the car is off or on.


These are just a few of gas saving tips that may help you save money on fuel every month.  Not to mention Earth will thank you too! So remember to fill up before your gas light comes on, follow these money saving tips, and you just might see your savings account go up.  I know we all wouldn’t mind that!