Preventative Car Maintenance

Let’s talk about  maintenance that needs to be done regularly to help maintain your car’s performance and help to combat the need for costly repairs.  In fact the tasks associated with preventative maintenance are relatively easy and can be done by you at home. We have compiled a list of the MOST important maintenance measures to take when it comes to keeping your car on the road.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Do a monthly inspection- That’s right every month or two do a complete once over on your car.  Listen to the engine, check your tire pressure & tread, check your oil, fluids, that all of your lights and signals are working properly.
  • Fluids, Fluids, Fluids- We cannot stress this enough!  Checking and maintaining ALL of your car’s fluid and fluid levels is extremely important.  Why? The fluids in your car are there for a reason.  Keeping them full and clean allows for the different parts of the engine that need these fluids to stay running efficiently and without stress on themselves or surrounding parts.
  • Oil Changes- Ok, ok we know that this is considered a fluid but it may be the most important fluid, even though they are all important. Oil is what lubricates our engine parts and allows are car to run. No oil in your car? Your engine will seize and there is no turning back after that. Dirty oil is up there as well.  Clean engine oil free of debris will help engine to run more efficiently.
  • Filters- We are talking engine filters, air filters, anywhere you have a filter in your car, change them in a regimated time frame.
  • Wiper Blades- When  your wiper blades start to leave streaks on your windshield it’s time to change them.  Visibility is key when you are driving down the road at any speed.
  • Tires Rotated & Balanced- Not only will this help with fuel efficiency, it also will create a longer life for your tires.  Unbalanced tires can lead to uneven wear and tear and create alignment issues.
  • Alignment…… – Perhaps one of the biggest safety hazards, an unaligned car can make for a dangerous driving situation, as well as uneven wear on your tires.  Alignments are not exactly cheap, but they usually come with a year warranty, meaning you can go back anytime within the year to have your car realigned for free.  Having an alignment done consistently can definitely save you the cost of other more expensive repairs or having to buy 4 new tires which isn’t exactly cheap either.



Establishing a preventative maintenance routine that you can responsibly keep up with is based on the individual.  While there is still more you can do to help maintain your automobile, we suggest starting with at least these 7, being that they are probably of the most importance.  We also suggest establishing a relationship with a trusted garage service or mechanic that you will feel confident with to work on your car as well as give you fair market prices.  We rely on our automobiles to help us navigate day to day in all of our errands, work needs, family transporting and for recreational activities.  Giving your car a little extra care on a regular basis will help to keep your car performing at its best and save you on money spent on repairs that may have been prevented.