New Garage & Single Garage Conversions

For the avid automobile lover, and those vehicle owners that just want to help protect their car from theft, break ins, and the weather elements (especially those in snowy winter climates) parking your car in your garage is the best bet.  In fact keeping your car in the garage will also help to keep it cooler or warmer depending on the weather outside.  But what happens if you don’t have a garage?  Or you have multiple cars and only a single car garage?   When people think of converting a single car garage into a space that can hold at least two cars they think of the expense.  Afterall, it sounds like somewhat of a big project!  Or what about building a garage to even just store a single car within?  That sounds like a big and expensive project as well!!  Is it worth it in the end?  And what about the rumor that while you think your garage is the safest place for your vehicle, it’s actually the space where your car is more likely to get dents and dings from excessive clutter, sports equipment, and other stored items that always seems to take over your garage space?  Well we decided to get some advice from a garage door/conversion specialist and have the low down on pricing of a conversion, pros and cons etc!  In fact Rusty from was able to give us some great insight and information on just what it takes to convert your carport or single car garage into a safe space to park and protect your car.


Planning & Prep- First things first you will need to draw up the plans for your new garage. Having a professional draw them up is highly suggested. This will help to ensure that you are within the boundaries of your property lines and city code. Once plans are drawn you will need to ensure that you will have a drainage system is in proper working order and that the ground is strong and stable before beginning any of the building etc.  You will also need to remove whatever is covering any of the columns or joists of your current carport should you be doing an carport to garage conversion.

The Walls- Next with the help of a licensed professional you will start erecting the walls. While you can try and do this conversion on your own it is best to work with a professional as to make sure that the structure and foundation are completely secure and that your garage will pass a building code inspection. You will want to make sure that your new garage is as safe and structurally sound as possible.

Doors & Windows- Once the walls are in place you will add the access doors and windows. When these are complete the garage door is added. A reputable garage door company in your area can help you find the best door within in your price range and with the features you want to include such as a garage door opener.  They can the install the new door for you. Garage doors need to be properly installed as to not cause any harm or injury. Garage doors are heavy and must be balanced so that they do not fall when in the open position.

Price- Prices can vary depending on the conversion you are looking to do as well as the quality of materials you will be using etc. Your chosen garage door also plays a big factor in what the final cost will be. Put together a budget and speak with a garage door professional who can help guide you through the process and help you price match doors to stay within your projected budget. A carport to garage conversion or the conversion of a single car garage to a multi car garage should be looked at as an investment and will also help to add to the overall resale value of your home.