Money Saving Car Hacks

There are a lot of different issues and nuisances that can occur involving your automobile.  Instead of going to the extreme or even paying money to have certain issues fixed or taken care of, first you may want to try these completely credible and convenient car hacks.  Where do we even start!!!

Ever woke up to a car that wouldn’t start, looked under the hood and saw your battery was full of corrosion?  If so you may want to try sprinkling baking soda and water over the corroded area.  Let it fizz like an erupting volcano in the 4th grade and rinse away the corrosion with water!  If you don’t have baking soda try using a can of coke or any other carbonated beverage like club soda.  The corrosion will be eaten away by the carbonation.

How about those cloudy headlights.  Not only do they dim your car’s headlight but they also are an eyesore.  Take some good old tooth paste from your medicine cabinet and rub in in circular motions over the cloudy headlight.  Let sit for a few minutes and then rinse with a clean wet rag.  Suddenly things have become a lot clearer!

It’s time to replace your registration sticker but you can’t get the old one off!  It’s literally stuck to your car.  Take a piece of newspaper soaked with warm water and put it over the old sticker.  Wait 10 minutes and the sticker will wipe off with the crumbling newspaper!

Have a few small dents that you really want to get rid of but you don’t want to spend the time or money on taking it somewhere?  Buy a toilet plunger and plunge the dents out yourself!!  Fast, easy, and a definite money and time saver.

How about when the sun is shining into your car just right and your visor doesn’t seem to cover the particular area you need to be shaded.  Heck even your sunglasses are not working!!! Removable tinted plastic sheets that use surface static to stick are a literal life saver! They block that annoying sun and also make for a safer drive home!

These are just a few of the incredible tricks that can be used to save both time and money. Feel free to come up with ones of your own that work just as well!  Like turning on that seat warmer to keep the pizza warm on the drive home!