High Mileage Maintenance For Older Vehicles

As with preserving the quality and life of just about anything in this world, it’s all about maintenance.  Whether it be your own health, your home or your car, properly maintaining something can help go along way in terms of lifespan and quality.  We know that maintaining our cars and keeping up with regular care will help our car run and perform more efficiently.  That is even more true for our older high mileage vehicles.  In fact the maintenance and care on these high mileage vehicles may even be more important and beneficial to us than on that done to newer vehicles.

You can help to extend the life of your high mileage vehicle even more and with less issues when you follow these basic guidelines for the upkeep of older cars.

First experts recommend that monthly you check tire pressure, oil levels(using high mileage special oil helps) coolant levels, and if you have a back up camera make sure the lense is clean.  Older cars have had more wear and tear in general and thus may lose coolant or oil faster.  Staying aware and up to date on these levels will help to combat any engine issues from lack of fluids.

Every 3,000 miles it is recommended to change the oil and replace the oil filter.  It is also suggested that you add a fuel injector cleaner to fuel as to help maintain build up or deposits from chemicals. Every 5,000 miles to 10,000 miles you  should be adjusting the clutch for those of you that have manual transmissions and not self adjusting clutches.   Every 6 months it is recommended to check power steering fluids as to make sure that your steering column stays properly lubricated.  It is also suggested that you wax your car twice a year to help protect the paint and to win the fight against rust.

On a yearly basis it is important to inspect brakes, clear battery connections, check brake fluid levels, check manual transmission fluid, coolant strength,and back flush the radiator with the help of a garden hose..  It is also important to rinse off the AC condenser and to buff plastic headlights as to keep them free of fog and cloudiness that will exclude the sharpness of your headlights light projection.

Lastly it is important every two years to flush the coolant system completely and check your battery electrolyte levels.

While there are many other maintenance tips and suggestions that can be followed to help with the longevity of your high mileage vehicle, we feel that these are some of the most important.  We want our vehicles to last us and also be a safe ride for those we put in our cars including ourselves.